Small, Minority, Women-owned, Disadvantaged and Historically Underutilized Business

At VICKREY, we are always looking for opportunities to partner with other firms in the A/E/C industry to create highly qualified, multi-disciplinary teams for large and small projects. Whether you are a national firm or a small business looking for subcontractors and strategic teaming opportunities, VICKREY is interested in hearing from you. VICKREY is over 51% owned and operated by women.

VICKREY holds the following certifications:

  • South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (SCTRCA) - SBE, WBE, DBE
  • State of Texas HUB
  • City of Austin - SBE, WBE, DBE

Teaming Contact

We are also interested in teaming opportunities with other qualified, small, minority and woman-owned businesses. If your firm is interested in teaming with our firm on architectural, engineering, survey, construction or alternative delivery projects, please send your corporate resume to:

Vickrey Marketing
Marketing Department
Phone:  (210) 349-3271

Steve Gonzales, PE, CFM
Business Development Director, Associate
Phone: (210) 349-3271
Rob Clark, PE
Business Development & Project Manager, Associate
Phone:  (210) 349-3271
Rob Clark, PE
Austin Division Manager
Phone: (512) 494-8014



VICKREY is pre-certified in the following TXDOT work categories:

1.2.1 Systems Planning
1.4.1 Land Planning/Engineering
1.5.1 Feasibility Studies
1.6.1 Major Investment Studies
2.5.1 Water Pollution Abatement Plan
3.1.1 Route Studies & Schematic
         Design - Minor Roadways
3.2.1 Route Studies & Schematic
         Design - Major Roadways
3.4.1 Minor Bridge Layouts
3.5.1 Major Bridge Layouts
4.1.1 Minor Roadway Design
4.2.1 Major Roadway Design
4.3.1 Complex Highway Design
8.1.1 Signing, Pavement Marking
         & Channelization
8.5.1 Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
9.1.1 Bicycle & Pedestrian
         Facility Development

10.1.1 Hydrologic Studies
10.2.1 Basic Hydraulic Design
10.3.1 Complex Hydraulic Design
10.5.1 Bridge Scour Evaluations & Analysis
11.1.1 Roadway Construction Management
           & Inspection
15.1.1 Survey
15.1.2 Parcel Plats
15.1.3 Legal Descriptions
15.1.4 Right of Way Maps
15.2.1 Design & Construction Survey
15.4.1 Horizontal & Vertical Control for Aerial Mapping

Non-listed categories:

  • Utility Coordination
  • Utility Adjustment Coordination
  • Utility Engineering
  • Utility Adjustment Monitoring & Verification

Subcontracting Diversity Program

VICKREY promotes and encourages subcontracting opportunities for small, minority, women-owned disadvantaged and historically underutilized businesses (S/M/W/DBE/HUB). 

VICKREY endeavors to meet the Small, Minority, Women-owned Disadvantaged and Historically Underutilized Business (S/M/W/DBE/HUB) program requirements and in many instances exceeds the established goals. We believe in diversity and inclusion and will continue to work diligently to include a diverse mix of subcontractors and material suppliers in the design and construction of local, municipal and federal projects.

If you are a Small, Minority, Women-Owned, Historically Underutilized Business or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (S/M/W/HUB/DBE) and can provide civil engineering, surveying, geotechnical, environmental, subsurface utility, mechanical electrical plumbing, architectural or landscape architectural services, please forward a complete Statement of Qualifications to:

VICKREY & ASSOCIATES, INC. 12940 Country Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78216
Attn: Diversity Department
or by email at