Vicki Vickrey Musgrove appointed to serve as leader for Center for Sustainability

March 2007

Vicki Vickrey Musgrove has been honored with an appointment to serve as a leader with the new Center for Sustainability created by the American Public Works Association (APWA). The Center is focused on addressing sustainability needs and opportunities, ensuring that sustainability becomes an organizing principle for all facets of public works management. 

Vicki was one of 12 public works officials chosen from the United States and Canada to serve on this national committee. A competitive recruitment process focused on applicants with sustainability practitioner skills, as well as a thorough knowledge of transportation, solid waste, water resources, engineering and technology, leadership and management, emergency management, fleet, facilities and grounds, utility, and public right-of-way. These 12 public works officials were chosen for their expertise, legitimacy, and credibility. Vicki will be serving for a term of 18 months. 

Vicki is the Assistant Director of Public Works - Environmental Water Resources for the City of Ventura, CA, serves on our Board of Directors and works in Quality Management at Vickrey & Associates, Inc. in San Antonio, Tx.